LOOK: Nick Jonas Wore Michael Cinco In New Music Video ‘Sucker’

Six years after the band’s hiatus since 2013, the Jonas Brothers just surprised us with their comeback. And as they released a new music video called “Sucker,” we were even more surprised to see Nick Jonas wearing Michael Cinco.

Garbing Hollywood male celebrities are not new for the world-renowned designer Michael Cinco. He has already suited-up the likes of Jason Derulo, James McAvoy, Quincy Jones, and Steve Aoki. So adding to his growing list is no less than the debonair, Nick Jonas.

The Jonas Brothers’ new single “Sucker” actually served as an ode to their wives (or in Joe’s case, his future wife). In the music video, it can be seen that the trio was serenading their respective partners—Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner, and Danielle Jonas.

But as music and style savants start to get into details, others might have missed the details where Nick Jonas wore two creations by the impalpable Michael Cinco. One of which was a crimson red velvet vest and pants which the singer wore inside the chateau.

For his final shot in their music video, Nick opted to don a crystallized long coat inspired by the beauty of the Persian carpet. Michael shared to MEGA that it was actually the singer’s stylists who saw the long coat on his Instagram account from his Impalpable Dream of Persia collection.

“My PR in LA asked me to send my new Menswear Collection to be used for a video for a very confidential artist,” Michael added. However, little did he know it was specifically for Nick Jonas since the client did not specify who they’re shooting.

Watch Jonas Brothers’ new music video “Sucker” below.