Omega And Alinghi Team Up To Drop The Ultimate Yatch Watch Thus Far

What happens when two brilliant Swiss brands team up? Only the very best product in innovation and precision is created.

It’s already undebatable by now when someone says that the Swiss truly knows their watches. Throughout several decades, Swiss watchmakers had unarguably created the finest watches humans had laid eyes on. Although this may be, they’re not only known for timepieces, they also know how to sail.

In fact, Alinghi, a Swiss competitive sailing team, has been the most successful at it. They won America’s Cup, one of the world’s most grueling sailing competitions—not once but twice. However, these aren’t their only achievements, because on their mantle they have eight D35 Trophies, won the Bol d’Or seven times, and Extreme Sailing Series championships four times.

You have to understand that when we talk of yacht racing, the stakes are always high. That’s because all the pedigrees of its global competitors battle each other in a bid to be crowned the world’s fastest at sea. Upon achieving it, they prove that they are the most successful when it comes to pushing the boundaries of yacht design, too.

New Kind of Speed

Omega has always been anchored by a strong ocean heritage that extends back to the early days of the brand. Long before its connection to sailing began, Omega created the world’s first commercially available divers’ watch in 1932, therefore becoming the choice of many ocean explorers and professional divers at the time. So, it’s no surprise anymore when the luxury watchmaker naturally progressed to have a passion for sailing. For more than 25 years now, Omega has been very much involved with sailing thanks to its timekeeping prowess in every yacht racing competition.

But in 2019, the moment Omega and Alinghi revealed their sailing partnership, we all knew we were in for a treat. The dynamic collaboration between two brands has brought the very best of Swiss precision, innovation, and pioneering spirit together. And no, it’s not a new Seamaster watch, because this time, they have launched a brand new Omega timepiece: The Speedmaster Alinghi.

In tribute to this unique sailing collaboration, the Speedmaster Alinghi combines the most advanced watchmaking materials and craftsmanship. According to Omega’s President and CEO Raynald Aeschlimann, “to match Alinghi’s state-of-the-art boat creation, we’ve harnessed some truly impressive technology, along with the best materials and a very original design concept.” Perhaps that’s why the bold red and black colorway, which was further enhanced by the carbon fiber dial in the design is quite evident—it serves as a nod to the Alinghi team’s boat.

Welcome To The Dark Side

Upon looking at the Speedmaster Alinghi, you might also say that this new reference seems similar to the 2018’s Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 edition. Well, it should be, because it’s based on it, too. It has the mainstream features of the Dark Side Of The Moon design—from the signature ceramic bezel and 44.5mm case, along with a tachymeter scale calibrated in miles per hour.

While this may be the case, what’s truly unique about this is that the minute totalizer has been customized with a highlighted five-minute arc. And yachting enthusiasts know that this is critical because it helps them properly prepare before the race commences. Moreover, another impressive thing about it is the watch’s Calibre 1865, which can be seen through the skeletonized dial. The manual-winding movement is ideal for sailing crews due to its lighter and thinner design.

Now, to enhance the movement, Omega has taken inspiration from Alinghi’s new TF35 catamaran. Using laser ablation, the main plate and barrel bridge have been given a honeycomb effect, similar to the interior of the Alinghi boat’s carbon hull. The black ceramic timepiece is also notable for its tactical time display at 3 o’clock and the Alinghi logo at 6 o’clock, which rotates when the chronograph function is used.

Bertarelli expressed his enthusiasm for the newly launched timepiece noting that Omega has been “very aware of [its] incredible expertise in sports timekeeping and passion for sailing. So, it is a very special moment to have worked on a watch together and now see the exquisite results.”

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