Here’s Proof of Filipinos’ Big Love for Basketball

The basketball community in the Philippines is unlike any other. Whether international or local, we support our favorite teams and watch every game avidly. Here in the country, our very own Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) has made history on its own. Not only is it the first ever professional basketball league in Asia, but it’s also second to the NBA in terms of years. From the first PBA game in 1975 up to this day, the number of Filipino basketball fans remains staggering—filling seats of arenas everywhere and cheering on from the comforts of our homes.

On a global scale, we support teams from the NBA as well. The premiere basketball league of the US is popular here, so much so that the Association was prompted to distribute official NBA merchandise across different sport stores locally: shoes, jerseys, and caps bearing the names of the teams and the players are must-have items for us.

Because of our love for basketball, we consume everything that has anything to do with our favorite teams and players—both local and international. And in true Filipino style, our love for the sport exceeds arenas and TV broadcasting and bodes well into the realm of technology. For these reasons, premiere smartphone company Vivo launched its partnership with NBA Philippines called Vivo x NBA to the delight of Filipino fans everywhere.

It seems the Vivo x NBA is truly a match made in fandom heaven. This collaboration proves itself beneficial and important in keeping the sport and the brand involved and relevant among the local basketball community which breathes life into each game with undivided enthusiasm. And as long as there are courts to play in, or even makeshift roadside hoops to shoot in, basketball will remain alive in the Philippines.

For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website or check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

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