This Is How You Pull Off That Twinning Look

Take a page from the modern-day style guide and count down the ways to avoid the head-to-toe twinning looks. Instead, we show you how to match with your incidental style doppelganger.

In an age of unique identities and diversity, everyone will want to stand out. But even the most distinct will still have that chance to unlikely match someone in terms of a look, ergo the twinning moment. Here, we show the ways you can make the moment your own, without having to totally run for a quick change.

On Alonzo Red and pink patterned sweater by ERDEM x H&M; On Callum Maroon and yellow patterned sweater by ERDEM x H&M

Instead of thinking it as a twinning situation, shift your perspective and see this as an opportunity to match your look with your little brother (or son), for example. Skip the exact same copy and opt for complementing the tones of each other’s look. For the older half, you can sport deeper, stronger tones, while the younger set can look to brighter shades of a similar color.

On Callum Gray suit set by ERDEM x H&M; On Alonzo Grid-printed blazer by ERDEM x H&M

In some cases, the roles can be reversed—as is the case with who gets to wear the stronger color. With similar fits and tailored cuts in place, you and your “twin” can switch the rules of color. After all, are we still at that age where we strictly adhere to age-old dictums. It is important to note, however, that a younger, more spirited man can opt for dapper separates with subtle patterns and prints.

On Alonzo Black hooded jacket by ERDEM x H&M; On Callum Gray hooded jacket and gray trousers both by ERDEM x H&M

Thinking of wearing matching hoodies? The trick to separating your look here can be seen in two ways: 1.) through fit and 2.) with a careful study on monochrome. Be age-appropriate with more tailored and closer-to-the-body fits and try out pairing separates in a similar tone from head-to-toe. The results aren’t only meant to elongate, but it also adds a dash of elegance to the ensemble.

On Alonzo Navy blue grid-printed overcoat and white ruffle-collared button-down by ERDEM x H&M; On Callum Tweed trench coat by ERDEM x H&M

Stick to sturdier and more classic fabrics when it comes to donning overcoats. It not only lends an air of old-school gentleman, but it is more durable when it comes to more challenging climates. A lighter fare is suggested for the younger set, again with prints and patterns for that mindful lashing of youth.

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