Forget About The Perfect Five Because Being Rated One Star Is The New Barometer Of Cool

A persisting cornerstone of youth, Converse continues to make a case for relevance by celebrating the bold and fearless spirit of individualism. Fitting in within the boxes of society is so old school. Skipping conformity, the goal is to push boundaries further by opting out of the perfect five and taking on a real, raw and unrivaled sense of self by being Rated One Star.

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It isn’t an isolated case by any means; Growing up entailed a lot push and pull between living by the rules society has long set for us and figuring out a distinct sense of self. While we were encouraged to be ourselves, there still was an expectation to color within the lines so to speak. Ticking all these boxes, inching towards a prescribed perfection was the ideal. Meanwhile, going against the grain was frowned upon—for the most part.

Sure, we turned out fine, but things would’ve been much better if we were left to skip conforming to the clichés and just zip straight towards carving out a personality and ideals that are all completely unique to the self. This is precisely what Converse aims to rally for with its Rated One Star campaign.

For the brand, it isn’t about subscribing to the binaries of life, but rather to stand up and stand out all on one’s own accord. It isn’t about anything else. This time around, it is all about you and only you.

Playing support (an able foundation, really) to the uniqueness of this stellar campaign is the now iconic and infamous Converse One Star. Originally made for the basketball court in 1974, the groundbreaking low-cut off-shoot of its sibling, the All Star, would prove to be elusive as it was discontinued only after just a year. However, the silhouette saw a resurgence in the 90s, riding along the wave of the rising grunge and skate scene. An anti-thesis and alternative to the pervading status quo, the One Star would then become a symbol of individuality and well, an unapologetic I-don’t-care vibe.

The once-upon-a-time fashion underdog continues to be a standout in the dynamic street style scene of today, this time with more playful color combinations that are guaranteed to set even the strictest classicist heart aflutter. Fully functional and sturdy, the Converse One Star has seen an upheaval with recent creative interpretations by the audacious Tyler, The Creator.

Assembling a motley crew of distinct personalities, Converse drives the point across: Conformity is a thing of the past. It is all about the rough edges, the difference, the quirks and all. With fearless foursomes peppering the globe, the Philippines wasn’t to be left behind, naturally. Coming together to make a strong case for breaking from the molds of society are model Jessica Yang, recording artist Jess Connelly, hip-hop artist Rjay Ty and  artist Andre Drilon. As a whole, they make up the Rated One Star Collective, but on their own, they are the very definition of what it is to be true to their authentic selves.

To celebrate the spirit of the self, Converse hosted a co-creating session, transforming the concrete space of Dulo MNL into an engaging hub where guests were encouraged to design their own Rated One Star shirts, play video games, and of course, to show their One Star kicks through the intricately set-up photo corners.

Much later on, a more electric energy pulsated through the venue with the hip-hop beats of Rjay Ty and the smooth tunes of Jess Connelly. A community affair by all means, sneaker heads and fashion folk came together for a good ‘ol time in the name of the Rated One Star credo.

Much more than an affair to remember on a surface level, the Rated One Star night of Converse reminded everyone that being who we are is more than enough. In this day and age where curation is a buzzword everyone subscribes to, standing out on one’s own merit is more gratifying than fitting in with a perfect five. That is if we’re completely being honest about it, which we should be, right?

Check out what went down during the co-creation session and the after party in the gallery below: 

Photos by Ed Simon of Studio 100

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