Reflect Your Travel Expression With These Freedom-Loving, Functional Essentials

Raring to set out into a great unknown? With its innovation and design, Tumi introduces a spring-ready release that lets you travel worry-free on all fronts.

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Perhaps you haven’t given it much of a lick of thought, but there is no greater generational privilege than our access and convenience when it comes to travel. Now more than ever, going from one place to another, crossing borders on a domestic and international level has never been easier. Imagine, with our resources and options, there is much liberty to choose and tread your own path as leisurely as you can, thereby allowing you to really perfect that journey.

With this freedom to set out into a great unknown, the way the world travels has also evolved over the years. Visa requirements have gone considerably lenient, with more countries opening its doors to us. Travel options are no longer as much of as a financial hassle, as airlines have gone to accommodate more promos and accommodations are more within reach. And most importantly, the highly essential travel companions, one that have the responsibility of holding your life together have fully assimilated both the function and form, making it a lot easier (physically and visually) to lug around.

Constantly on the lookout of the welfare of the typically weary traveler, Tumi swoops in the season of spring with a new collection that compels you to pursue your perfect journey with the freedom it espouses. With functional superiority running through its core, Tumi launches one its key strongholds, the Harrison, a sophisticated series of highly functional day bags that encompasses timeless contemporary style. Compelling you to focus on the things that really matter, Tumi has your back on reliability, adaptability, and design. Coupled with technical innovation and unequalled craftsmanship, the latest releases are sure to give you the freedom to move through the world as you please.

Minimal and refined in form, the Bradner in Algae Mesh fully delivers in function. With an assortment of necessary pockets, sensible space, and a seamless silhouette, this lightweight nylon and pebbled leather is set to be that classic carry-on you will keep close for years to come. A key colorway for spring/summer 2020, the Algae Mesh once again sees the light of day with the Warren, a larger, more practical iteration that holds all your essentials, with enough quick access pockets for those within reach must-haves. Finally, another product put on the spotlight for the season is the Osborn in a most covetable Reflective Iron. Deceptively simple and straightforward at a glance, the roll-top bag is that versatile design that links the gaps of your day-to-day. Sportier than the previous two, this backpack takes on a transformative state when reflected with light, revealing a shock of iridescence that takes it way past the ordinary.

With the essentials on hand, plus the freedom to chase your dream destinations and log in at a specific geotag, the rest of the world is not too far behind. Just a mere flight or roadtrip away, there is no excuse to not see the great unknown. Are you ready to live a life beyond your comfort zone? We see you nodding, so what are you waiting for? Get going, now.

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