Relive The Soundtrack Of Decades Past In This Boogie-Ready Collection

With a perennial fascination for times that have long gone by, fashion, music and dance once again come together in an energetic swing of things with Original Penguin’s boogie-ready fall/winter collection.

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Whether you like to Boogie Woogie, Blame It On The Boogie or just simply hit the good ‘ol Boogie Wonderland, you can always trust on the swinging rhythm to get your groove going—as it has done so for decades past. Defining pop culture and even serving as its formidable backbone, the soundtrack of the yesteryears have long informed, shaped and even so much as created the present and future we know it. Even with the onslaught of electronic-style or overly-produced music these days, nothing will beat the suave tunes that came before us.

Despite the overriding currency of what’s new, now and next, this philosophy holds especially true in fashion as it constantly takes inspiration from the eras that have long gone by and music.

Constantly on the pursuit of trusted and time-honored traditions, classic American brand, Original Penguin, defies convention by steering clear of fleeting trends and showcasing an understanding of what truly is essential to its discerning market. But that isn’t to say that their wares are of the stuffy and typical sort. In fact, it cranks up the volume of fun, funk, and fancy free with a collection that focuses on the romance and nostalgia of retro sport through solid and unexpected color-blocking that encompasses several decades of eclectic style.

Building on the heritage that it knows best, Original Penguin cranes its neck to the seemingly forgotten subcultures of 40 years of fashion. Appropriating a spirited mash-up of 60s Northern Soul, 70s Disco, 80s Hip-hop, and 90s Slacker, the brand takes on leisure sporting in playful mix of graphic t-shirts, polos, track-jackets and pants, as well as the quality assortment of button-downs and pique shirts it is known for. Colored in a vivid combination of firecracker orange, midnight navy, vintage indigo and burgundy, there is truly a little bit of everything in there.

Look, the classic will never go out of style. If at all, it’ll take a few turns of the tide for it to be wash up on the shores of mainstream fashion. But if there’s anything we learned, it is best to keep the trusty staples that will stand the test of time…and bust it out whenever you are feeling nostalgic or even better, when you want to shake your groove thang.

Now, let the music play.

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