You Do The Math: Rock The Smart Casual Look Just Like Pietro Boselli

Who doesn’t know of the man they call Pietro Boselli? Appointed by the internet and the rest of the world as the hottest math teacher, the cyberspace sensation and now fashion superstar is out to prove that there is more to him (as well as other models) other than being really, really ridiculously good looking. They’re actually a big ball of sense and smarts, too. We just have to look closer.

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Since breaking the internet in 2015, the math professor turned model has gone on to collect a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, as well as booking stellar campaigns for such brands us Armani, Abercrombie & Fitch and even local retail giant, Bench. A whirlwind of a career by all accounts, Pietro Boselli continues to smash the archaic model archetype by putting in the work, as well as ensuring that he has a life outside the klieg lights of the fashion industry.

Definitely more than what meets the eye, the 29-year old model is visibly reserved, but not standoffish. An introversion that is a mere offshoot of his years spent digging through engineering dissertations has accorded him a keen eye of observation. “I think it was reinforced during my years in engineering,” he explains. “Because engineering is about looking for solutions to everything, so you always wonder how everything works. I always wonder.”

He doesn’t grandstand and demand attention; it is but given to him as evidenced by an intimidating physique. But all that surface tension goes away the moment he stretches his hand to introduce himself and later on gushing over the embroidered sneakers that were pulled for his shoot. Much like a wide-eyed child waiting for his turn, he would patiently sit and strike a conversation with everyone in the room, successfully dispelling any notion of what a model is typically painted to be.

“I feel like as a person, I’m ever evolving. Every phase of my life, I have a completely new set of ideas,” says Pietro Boselli. “I’m a yes man, you know; I say yes to everything,” he says, and that includes being wrong. “Most people like to be proven right but I have a scientific mentality, and sometimes I like to be proven wrong—which is difficult to understand,” he laughs, then explains further. “When you are proven wrong, like when a theory you believed in before is now being recomputed, you access a higher level of knowledge. I was wrong before, but I am right now, so who cares if I was wrong before?” He laughs again. “I know this shouldn’t apply to your personal to your life, but it is a positive feeling.”

For all the things that have come his way, Pietro Boselli is not only constantly humbled, but he is also always grateful. “I appreciate the small things in life,” he says. Most people will be jazzed by the glamorous aspects of his career—the traveling, the fashion shoots—and while he loves doing it all, he loves seeing the beauty and joy in small, happy moments. “That’s how it should be,” he says. “I hope I’ll stay like this forever.”

And you thought he was just like the rest of them, huh? Well, think again because this man is clearly a cut above the rest.

Black pique shirt by WOOD WOOD at ASSEMBLY and dark gray trousers by BENCH

A little attention to the self goes a long way, even in the academe. Do as Pietro Boselli does and don fitted classic staples for a more dignified take on the smart casual dress code.

Army brown tank top by BENCH, army brown trousers by PAUL SMITH and embroidered sneakers by PAUL SMITH

Toe the line between what is smart and summer appropriate by pairing a tank top and tailored trousers in the same color.

Navy blue jacket by PAUL SMITH

Bundle up in a snazzy jacket that will take you from hankering down on your piles of papers to go through to stretching and having a good time later on in the night.

Black tank top by BENCH, black trousers by PAUL SMITH, necklace by PAUL SMITH and white sneakers by BENCH

An all black is a fail-safe way to get away with baring a little more skin despite the smart casual requirement. However, don’t think you can just get away with the tank top in a professional situation. Slip on an appropriate outerwear when needed and ditch it when the situation calls for it.

Beige knitted pique shirt by BENCH, green trousers with side stripes by WOOD WOOD at ASSEMBLY and embroidered sneakers by PAUL SMITH

Lend a sense of ease to the smart casual code by opting for athletic-inspired trousers paired with an intelligent looking knitted shirt.