Safety Meets Lifestyle With These Cross-Functional Face Masks

Along with the safety that comes primarily with it, face masks have fast become a staple to everyone’s everyday essentials. Thus, these dual-purpose face masks are the perfect match to our subsisting lifestyle.

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Since the wearing of a mask is first and foremost to keep in mind when going out, the constant and crucial need for it in the market is far from saturation point. From small to large scale, there’s a ceaseless production of face masks. As more and more of these are being made to fit the needs of the times, each face mask boasts versatility for those with an active lifestyle, making it move amidst the pandemic.

The paramount purpose is to protect us from the unseen virus, but with the convenience and functionality that come with it, you’ll absolutely would want to keep this on at all times necessary. If you’re still wondering which face mask are worth buying right now, let this list tick the boxes through all your needs and more.

Gallontea X Shnukum Sippy Face Mask

Having a glass of your favorite drink (and by favorite, we certainly mean milk tea) simply fuels you when you’re on the go. However, wearing face mask requires you to completely remove and put it back every time you take a much-needed sip, because tendencies are, other areas of your face are infected and your face mask will get catch the virus—and studies have been made to prove this. Starting from a very witty concept, Gallontea and Shnukum Manila partnered to produce reusable face masks made of 3ply microfiber fabric with a silicone button where you can insert your straws.

“We tackled it with the same approach as we do with all our product,” shares Melody Chiaco, Owner of Shnukum Manila. “It took a while to perfect this product, but this collaboration is something that we are really proud of.”

To grab your milk tea fix from Gallontea, you can visit Gallontea’s official Facebook, and Instagram accounts. For more information on Shnukum Manila’s other designs, you can visit @shnukummanila on Instagram. 

Aerian Sleek Nanosilver Anti-Viral Masks

Designed and developed by a team led by Albert Andrada, Aerian Essentials launches a protective face mask line that combines nCamM nanosilver material with anti-viral properties. Coming in three different variants of Premium, Luxewear, and Classic Aerian masks, this face mask is more than just filtering. It’s built with patented technology to safely and effectively bind nanosilver particles less than 5 nanometers away. Each mask is layered into an exterior layer that blocks particles, the nCamM middle layer that kills viruses upon contact, and a protective inner layers that prolongs longevity.

Backed by Singaporean technology, the patented nanosilver fabric present in this Filipino craftmanship is the brainchild of Dr. Liu Hongjun, a world renowned chemist and PhD Chemistry holder from National University of Singapore (NUS).

For more information on Aerian Essentials, you can visit their official website, Facebook, and @aerian.essentials on Instagram. 

L&G’s Nano Mask

face masks

With origins from countries South Korea, Hong Kong, and Denmark, these locally manufactured Basic Nano Mask is made with Fibertex Adhetex filter and proven to be eight times more effective than your regular surgical and cloth mask. It is closely similar to American N95 when it comes to effectiveness. As a perfect alternative for disposable surgical masks, this Basic Nano Mask can be washed up to five times and still providing 98.25% filtration efficiency rate.

Coming in black and white colors, it can seamlessly complement your get up. Without compromising the full protection, this lightweight mask is built breathable and hypoallergenic.

For more information on L&G’s Basic Nano Mask, you can email [email protected] or contact 0927 849 0330. 

Fine Guard

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Taking personal protection to another level, Fine Guard is a self-disinfecting reusable protective mask that uses breakthrough virus control methods by Swiss hygiene technology company, Livinguard Technology. One Fine Guard mask is equivalent to 210 disposable surgical face masks. Unlike typical disinfectants, the revolutionary inactivation technology in the mask neutralizes germs without irritating the skin and prevents the resurgence of pathogens that could survive and adapt.

“We are very happy to be able to bring the Fine Guard brand to the Philippines,” says Anton Huang, President of RPG Distribution Services Inc. “In doing so, we will be able to help protect more Filipinos against the threat of COVID-19 as we head to the new normal.” Built comfortably, it has adjustable ear bands that can be easily worn.

For more information on Fine Guard, you can visit their website or check out @fineguardphilippines on Facebook and Instagram.

Uniqlo AlRism Mask

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Global retailer Uniqlo is adding this protective and washable face mask to their line of lifewear apparel. Uniqlo’s AlRism Mask has a triple-layer structure with the center layer, employing a bacterial filtration efficiency of 99% that blocks droplets and virus-contaminated particles. One of the layers in the AlRism Mask has a UPF 50+ rating that cuts 90% of ultraviolet rays whether your indoors or outdoors.

With the demand of reusable masks, Uniqlo considers environmental impact and creates a machine washable face mask in three different sizes, including those fitting for kids. Upon prior tests, the AlRism Mask can retain its efficacy after 20 washes at 40 degrees.

AlRism Mask will be available on Uniqlo’s online store soon and Uniqlo branches. 

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