This Saltwater-Powered Supercar is the Best Holiday Gift for Car Enthusiasts

Giving presents to automotive fans can be quite tricky. Especially if you’re not into cars, getting to know the this and that of this interest might be a chaotic road to take. But in time for the holiday season, Shell released this powerful and innovative Saltwater Supercars that is a great addition to any car fan’s collection.

More than just being pretty miniature sports cars, these are Shell’s most advanced toy car collection yet. Combining state-of-the-art technology using electric engines powered by saltwater, the futuristic collection uses alternative energy to get these cars running. How cool is that?

Every set comes with 1 Saltwater Supercar, two batteries, a saltwater mixer and dropper, and customizable stickers. To complement anyone’s taste, the Supercar is available in four striking variants: Shadow (black), Fireball (red), Lightning (white), and Sunchaser (yellow).

In powering up the Saltwater Supercars, an alternative source of energy is used. Here comes the exciting part: with a simple mix of table salt and water, a few drops will get the toy’s engine running and the Saltwater Supercar moving. On its own, saltwater doesn’t generate energy. However, this Saltwater Supercar contains a small metal plate where the energy is stored. Once the saltwater comes in contact with this plate, the electrons start flowing to generate the electricity that fuels each Supercar.

To make things more exciting, watch the cars in action as they race each other on its eco-friendly sugarcane racetrack. Available separately, this racetrack is made of Bagasse, a 100 percent biodegradable organic material with no additive or chemicals.

Championing innovation and new energy solutions while having fun, these Saltwater Supercars offer an elevated experience with toy cars.

For more information about the Saltwater Supercars, visit their website. You may also check their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

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