Shake Up The Workwear Dress Code With These Re-Imagined Edgy Alternatives

We are not suggesting you toss out the age-old corporate dress code to the side. Instead, take this as an encouragement to spruce up your usual smart casual with re-imagined takes on workwear staples that will have you looking forward to clocking in day after day.

Okay, so you don’t necessarily dread coming into work. After all, the world needs to earn its keep and turn in a living. But whether we like to admit it or not, some of us cannot stand the smart casual or full on formal dress code stipulated in the HR handbooks of our respective industries. Not everyone is accorded the freedom in a creative work space—god bless their liberated souls. So, how do you work around things? By incorporating workwear separates that are a little bit more on the fashion forward scale. Don’t worry, they’re still 9-to-5 appropriate, we checked.


Oversized sleeves not only fits within the rungs of the HR handbook, it also gives you a leg up in the style game. It is not only comfortable, but it also elicits of contemporary cool. Pair this with fitted tailored trousers that are a staple in the workforce.

Jacket by ROYALTY, exaggerated long-sleeved top by ENIGMA BY SOPHIA DEL CANO and pants by ROYALTY

Tired of folding up your sleeves just to appear a little less stuffy at work? Sure, it makes you appear raring and ready to get into the nitty-gritty, but it can get a little constricting, especially around mid-day. Allow your sleeves to unravel and perhaps even dangle if the length allows it to for a little hint of deviation. Also, it helps warm you up when the office air-conditioning system gets way past the comfort point.

Shirt by ROYALTY and oversized trousers by ENIGMA bY SOPHIA DEL CANO

This one’s fairly easy. Pair your workwear formals (that’s your blazer and trousers combo) with a sensible shirt that can easily take you from your daily deliverables to kicking it back at the end of the day. Wearing a basic shirt with a dressier pair of pants shows a touch of nonchalance all while staying within the bounds of propriety.

Black hoodie by ROYALTY, rust orange elephant pants by ENIGMA BY SOPHIA DEL CANO and cap by H&M

Finally, it’s casual Fridays and there is more room to play around with your own personal sense of style. Take it into account comfort, mobility and modesty and wear your trusty insulating hoodie with the comeback king, the elephant pants. Just watch over the hemlines because you wouldn’t want to be sweeping the entire office all day.

Photography MJ SUAYAN
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