Shawn Mendes Admits The Best Part Of His Tour

MANILA—All the señoritas were out in full force to watch Shawn Mendes perform live on stage, but the singer-songwriter had something to admit during his concert.

It’s been a couple of years since Shawn Mendes skyrocketed to the top of the music industry—from charting his rise to fame on Vine back in 2012 to becoming a world-renowned artist selling out arena-wide world tours. With a fanbase that covers much of the globe, it would be remiss if he didn’t pass by Manila, where everyone admittedly memorizes the lyrics to most, if not all his songs. Thanks to MMI Live, the heartthrob made a pit stop to the city where he made it a point to party all night long with his fans.

Lost In The Stars

When the singer-songwriter had his debut tour in Manila back in 2017, the set-up only had a long LED screen that covered the entire background of the stage. With a progression of time and experience tucked under his belt, it’s noticeable how Shawn’s stage visuals are becoming more aesthetically charismatic.

Photo from Treatment Studio

For his second concert dubbed “Shawn Mendes: The Tour,” he had a beguiling filtered circular screen at the middle that stunningly depicted a nostalgic-esque film, which translated what a strong grasp of emotional cognition as specific to his self-penned songs. There was also a huge dimly-lit rose erected at the center of the arena, exactly where his B-stage was located—another first for him to have.

More than the set-up and production, however, it was evident that he was touting a more mature sound. As he kick-started his concert with Lost In Japan, his rendition was a bit more dramatic with a very subtle hint of techno. Then glow bands started to light up the whole arena, where the white sparkles changed to blue, then red, with the hues continuously changing the entire night. This production touch made each concert-goer seemingly get lost in the sea of stars.

The Best Part

Think of every concert you’ve been to, and ask yourself, what was the best part of it? Was it the show-stopping costumes? Was it the jaw-dropping stage production? Whatever it may be, it’s undeniable that there will be something personal that will stand out.

In the case of Shawn Mendes, he shared with his fans a realization that occurred to him in his world tour. “[So] what is it that makes the show great?” the dashing singer asked. “You have the lights, the cameras, and the music.” But for him, regardless if you have a huge budget or none at all, it will always be the people who have always believed in him—his fans.

“I realized that the most incredible parts of my shows, the most unbelievable parts of my shows are you guys,” Shawn admitted. “So, please do not stop singing as loud as you can!” He then transitioned to performing a crowd favorite, Stitches. 

While he was singing to his fans, you couldn’t help but see his beaming smile. There was this sense of fulfillment that was quite evident in his aura. And to show his love for his lovely fans, he went to the B-stage to give each and everyone a better view of him performing. There, Shawn surprised everyone with a medley of different tracks. He serenaded everyone singing songs from his debut album to his latest one, such as Life of the Party, When You’re Ready, and Ruin before returning to the main stage.

Standing Our Ground

In these changing times where many are being oppressed, injustices are becoming prominent, and mental health should not be taken lightly, Shawn believes that it’s high time to be brave and voice your opinion. That’s why at the latter part of his concert, he made sure to encourage everyone to take a stand by singing his collab song with R&B singer Khalid, Youth.

Photo from Treatment Studio

“For my next song, I’m talking about a word that doesn’t describe how old or young you are. I’m talking about a word that describes a feeling. It’s the feeling of freedom and happiness,” he said. “I want to take a moment right now to say that every single person in this room right now, you are the people that have the power to change the world for the better.”

Hence, he pointed out that we should take pride that we have the privilege to speak up as well as empower others showing that nothing is impossible. As his song goes: “This soul of mine will never break as long as I wake up today. You can’t take my youth away.” In the long run, Shawn said, “it is up to us to stand our ground and to say that no matter what happens, our youth will not be taken away from us.”

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