This Skincare Innovation Will Single-Handedly Save Your Struggling Grooming Routine

Resuscitate your intermittent and sporadic skincare routine by picking up cutting-edge innovations that are set to turn what was once when-you-feel-like-it to a hard habit to break.

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Despite a keen interest and heightened obsession for all things skincare, I will admit to being a little lazy when it comes to following through on a specific regimen on a daily basis. Okay, that is a white lie, because I mostly cannot be bothered to go through my sporadic, but intensive 9-step skincare routine. This is horrifying to admit, especially since time isn’t exactly on my side, with youth slowly slipping away and leading me to a different age bracket in standard forms I fill up. It isn’t that I am not concerned, because I totally am. But perhaps it has equated itself to a chore that I am naturally averse to. Needless to say, like most men, it is a challenge to get me to hunker down and at least do the requisite cleanse-tone- moisturize, which Houston, it is a problem.

Figuring a workaround to this skincare situation, I realized that the key to keeping me or many other like-minded men consistent with a regimen is to make things engaging, picking products that are either pleasing to the eye, playful and well, generally interesting to tinker with. (You know, we like to get handsy with these things.) This isn’t to say that there has been a severe lack of innovative solutions to resuscitate the man’s interest in skincare. In fact, there have been great strides taken to make sure the interest and attention span of the man is considered. Fitting this very specific bill is the new and revolutionary offerings from Foreo, a Swedish beauty brand committed to discovering sophisticated game-changers and ritual- reviving breakthroughs in skincare. While it may seem to be yet another added step to a suggested grooming routine, Foreo encourages us to consider the lifetime effects of its much talked- about products, namely the Foreo Luna Mini 2 (a handy facial cleansing brush) and the Foreo UFO (an illuminating smart mask treatment).

Marking a new standard in facial cleansing, the Luna Mini 2 combines cutting-edge T-Sonic pulsations with an innovative silicone brush design to efficiently and effectively cleanse deep- seated gunk on the skin. With smooth touch-points, which you can increase and decrease based on preference, blemishes and impurities are removed as you massage your face with your go-to cleanser in a rhythmic, circular motion. Depending on the level of cleaning you desire, you can easily just flip around the piece of technology with its focused General Cleansing, Precision- Cleansing and Deep-Cleansing Zones.

Meanwhile, as masking has gone on from an option to an added necessity, Foreo ups the ante by crafting a doughnut- like product that reforms the face mask in wait for it, 90 seconds. Combining highly effective skincare technology with exclusive mask formulas, it is veritably like having a professional-grade facial having done in the comfort your home, and in record time, too. With Hyper-Infusion Technology, the UFO features Thermo-Therapy and Cryo-Therapy with T-Sonic Pulsations that activate and enhance the product’s benefits. Equipped with LED light therapy, this helps reinvigorate the skin, revealing a refined and radiant complexion. Familiarizing yourself with the UFO is easy, since it functions with the Foreo app, which teaches you how to go through the masking process depending on the specificity of the individual sheet you choose.

Now it can be said, Foreo has single-handedly revived my dormant skincare routine, because since interfacing with their releases, I have dutifully and religiously been going through my regimen with a renewed sense of purpose. In fact, I even rush home just to be able to have enough time to get down to the business of cleansing and masking. While it takes a while for a habit to settle, it is something I am willing to go through, if it means that I get to take care of my skin and have fun while I’m at it. It really doesn’t take much, I learned. All it needed was a spark to jump start this newfound obsession. This time, I know this won’t be an intermittent, when-I-feel-like-it thing. I have a good feeling this is a necessary lifelong commitment. And boy is my skin already thanking me for it.

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