Sole Academy’s New Look Makes You Feel Like Royalty

Step inside Sole Academys newly redesigned flagship store in BGC, featuring European-inspired architecture and modern, minimal interiors fit for a king.

Since opening their doors at BGC in 2015, Sole Academy’s flagship store has been the go-to of sneaker heads in the metro, often having the longest of lines with every exclusive drop in-store. “Best in Class” is what the lifestyle store has been known for, never forgetting that being on top is as triumphant as hailing from (and raised by) the humbling roots of the streets.

“Our original store was born out of the classic library look seen in various universities in the US and Europe,” says Mike Maglipon, President & CEO of Sole Provider Trading Corp. One of Robert Greene’s “Concise 48 Laws of Power” says that you shall “never outshine the master,” but being a vessel of experiences and mentorship has finally turned the earnest student (obviously the best in class!) that is Sole Academy into a newly crowned king of cool. “This time around we are going deeper into history taking tidbits of European Classical museums that exude a tone of sophistication and still able to be relevant to the youth,” shares Mike.

The store is similar to a blank canvas, except it now has marble floor tiling, Roman arches, an amazing tower clock behind the cashier with different zones of each major city, Sole’s heritage brick-laden shelves, and a regal curation of premium sneakers.

Now, what changes will the ruler make in its reign? “Sole Academy will go through a lot of formidable changes. We will be opening at least two more doors by 2020, and will be rolling out some renovations in our current doors, too. All in all, Sole Academy will strive to continuously provide the best lifestyle products we can get our hands on through our Best In Class service.”

Sole Academy’s flagship store is located in B2, Bonifacio High Street.
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