Did Anyone Say Squad Goals? This Is How You Vibe Off Each Other And Still Stand Out

Whether we like to admit it or not, we will at some point dress up like our peers. A concept that isn’t entirely foreign, a squad style has taken prominence over the decades, the modern-day crews included. This time, however, we are taking things up a notch by striking a strong sense of individuality amidst the pervading squad uniform.

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Let’s take a walk down nostalgia lane, shall we? The T-Birds from Grease. The Beatles. The Jackson 5. The Reservoir Dogs. The gang of Ocean’s 11. Not only are these squads some of the most iconic in pop culture, but they happen to be the most stylish as well. Whether it is the slicked up hair and leather jackets of the boys from Rydell High, the psychedelic tailoring of the Liverpool-bred band or the unaffected take on a modern rat pack in Las Vegas, there is something uniquely memorable about the specific squad uniforms of these fandom-inducing strongholds.

Despite the inherent squad style, it is important to take note that in no way do the members of these collectives fade into the background. As unified as they look as a whole, they all stand out in their own distinct way.

Look, it is no secret that we will at some point start dressing like our gang, our bros, our squad—and there is nothing wrong with that. But it is also important to maintain a sense of self amidst a tolerable conformity. There’s no need to get lost. In fact, it is the best chance for you stand out in the right way.

Standing out in black with the rest of the squad can be quite a challenge, but it can be done. With the overriding color palette down pat, you can begin to add depth to each of your looks by incorporating textures such as leather and knits, as well as complementing it with metallic accents in a classic silver.

Is your crew on the more athletic scale of the plane? Well, this shouldn’t be a stretch. Rock the athleisure trend in stark neutrals such as black, gray and white so that your team can look alike without looking a complete knock off of each other.

Statement dressing need not be garish or over-the-top. Start simple by rounding up all your significant slogans and wear them on your threads. With brands dishing out statement shirts more and more, pulling off this trend is fairly easy. We all have something to say, might as well make it stylish, right?

When dealing with denim, it is always imperative to remember the cardinal rule of pairing similar washes together for a seamless, monochromatic effect. If there a little bit more dare in your squad, you can start throwing on different washes for an even more nonchalant assumption of the trend.

Don’t be afraid to skip the trusted classics and hit the ground with high-octane trends such as a rocking mix of red, black and lashes of leather. Your favorite boy bands have pulled it off at some point and so could you and your squad. The key here is to wear red sparingly and thoughtfully.