Got Something To Prove? Let These Axe Men Show You How To Steer Your Passions The Right Way

Recognizing that your dreams and passions are something worth chasing and working hard at, Axe encourages everyone, especially the youth to step up and take what they’re good at and run with it to great success with a series of masterclasses from bonafide masters of their craft.

We’ve all heard it before: The youth are entitled. The youth are so full of themselves. The youth want everything so easy. While the rest of the older generations would like to believe that to be true, the younger set of future greats are hard-pressed to show that they are more than just a social construct. In fact, if the world just looks a little closer, they will see that there is much more to them than Instagram selfies, Facebook rants and run-your-mouth kind of Tweets. Unique, driven and mostly misunderstood, the rising Millennials are out to prove that they are worth something now.

Recognizing this, Axe, the world’s number 1 fragrance brand has always cultivated a platform for the down and out to rise up and be who they truly want to be. Much like their newest variant, the Axe You, the brand continues to uphold their passionate identity. Cutting across key industries such as food, art, music and film, Axe invites everyone to participate in the ongoing narrative of making things happen and work for themselves. After all, isn’t success a by-product of such an endeavor?

With the launch of newest campaign, Project You, Axe aims to give guys the best shot at success. Presenting a masterclass to cultivate and make their personal dreams grow, they hope to ignite a spark and incite a revolution of passion.

Innovating Traditions, Chef Nicco Santos (March 17)

Taking traditions and twisting it to the discerning palette of the modern connoisseur, Chef Nicco Santos of Your Local and Hey Handsome has long delighted the appetites of the public. Through his masterclass, he aims to impart a cornerstone of innovating flavors for the new generation. Whoever emerges the winner will get to be the mentor’s sous chef for a month, joining the team for Madrid Fusion.

Word Shop, Curtismith (April 21)

A whiz with words and beats, Mito Fabie or Curtismith, is set to weave a narrative that is social and moving as it is inherently entertaining. Focusing on creativity and what truly matters to participants, the one-time MEGA Man of Style will co-produce the song of the session’s best tune, where the winner also get the chance to perform the song in future Curtismith gigs.

Art Wars, Jappy Agoncillo (May 19)

Proving that was once predominantly seen as a hobby rather than a viable career is in fact a thriving industry, Jappy Agoncillo will impart his know how and techniques as seen on the walls he has long decorated since. Mimicking the life of functioning and working artist, Jappy will challenge his students with a brief much like how it is in real life—deadlines, client approvals and all. The winning artist will collaborate with the master on his next big project.

Beyond Cinema, Gino Santos (June 23)

With an undying love for film and a string of real life rejections tucked under his belt, director Gino Santos took control of his passion and turned it into something that everyone now enjoys on the silver screen. Through his in-depth masterclass, he is set to open the world of cinema to his students, showing them what it takes to make a film from beyond the director’s chair. Challenging participants to create their own film synopsis, the commercial and indie film director will choose one he will co-produce and help enter into a film festival.

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