When Technology Meets Photography: What Happens When Two Worlds Collide

Photography is a passion-driven form of art that captures intricate details. It takes a special relationship between man and equipment in order to see a different world, and capture those visions to share them with the world.

The technical know-how of photography used to include knowing how to work your way around the traditional camera: adjust the aperture a tad too wide and you might end up with overexposed images; swivel the lens focus too little and you risk blurring the subject of your photograph.

Thankfully, today’s technology has come up with the perfect solution to always end up with vivid stills that depict the stories you envision in your mind’s eye. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is now being used widely for photography. It acts as your aid in finding the ideal treatment for your photos, but still allows you enough creative freedom to put eccentric touches.

Take the Vivo V11: its new AI Photography features have the capability to make your artistic visions a photographic reality with a simple tap. Through its AI Backlight HDR, you can have dramatic photos with the sunset’s golden rays as your light. By using an AI algorithm, it’s able to capture multiple frames while correcting uneven exposures, and combine them to create perfectly exposed photos so you can go ahead and chase the golden hour.

The dimness of the night doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore. With the AI Low Light Mode, you can have noise-free and more detailed stills in the dark. This mode instantly captures up to six images and combines them into one clear, vivid piece so you can appreciate the city lights at night even more.

Any scenery and subject can be photo op-worthy even without adjusting the settings manually. Point and shoot at food, your friend, and even a vase of flowers in sequence and expect to have clear photos every time. This is possible through the AI Scene Recognition which analyzes your subject and identifies different objects, elements, and scenes such as “night,” “portrait,” “food,” or “flowers,” and applies specially customized enhancements for you. With this, you can keep snapping away at anything that catches your eye.

See the world around you in a new light and explore different sights, and let the Vivo V11 help you tell stories about each one through clear, bright photographs.

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