The Chunky Shoe Trend Is Here To Stay As It Slams Into The Streets With This Colorful Retro Revival

With no end to the enduring chunky shoe trend in sight, the Lacoste Court Slam seeks that newfound permanence with its covetable combo of comfort, nostalgia, and cool street cred.

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The end of the year always comes with an expressed intent to assess what stays and what goes, which could mean many things, of course. Typically, this means recalibrating our choices, deciding what becomes permanent as opposed to the fleeting. While this is subjective, with trends giving way to personal preference, there seems to be a persisting style that looks like it will endure the test of time, at least for the foreseeable future—the chunky shoe.

Sealing the fate of the 90s comeback from mere fascination to appealing aesthetic, the grace and restraint of Lacoste slams into the streetwear scene with the unveiling of the highly anticipated new line, the Court Slam, this time with exciting new colorways to tickle your ever fleeting fancy.

Harking to the brand’s “life is a beautiful sport” mantra, the Lacoste Court Slam is a necessary link to its revered archives, but with a contemporary update. By merging the codes and dictates of tennis with the pulsating energy of the streets, the Court Slam is that perfect mix of the nostalgic and the new.

Inhabiting the spirit of the Tennis 91, as well as of the racket akin to the game, the Court Slam sports a chunkier sole, with splashes of color that make it more covetable and unique today. This retro revival is daring and assertive, as it is evocating of reverence to its genesis. To mark its unveiling to the public, a unique experience was held at the Glorietta Activity Center, which saw performances from Steps Dance Project and A-TEAM Philippines, as well with off-the-hook entertainment from KINGwAw, AstroKidd, Curtismith, and Massiah of Careless Music Manila. Hosted by Tim Yap and Angelique Manto, the launch even featured the infectious dance beats of DJ Nix Damn P.

To make the release even more special, Lacoste enlisted the vibrant and electric energy of Aral Cru, a trio of contemporary and urban artists known for their evocative and edgy graffiti, to splash their art on the sneakers available for purchase (available in a one-color version—black, white or navy, or in white highlighted with colored details like blue, green or red). From bold typography to a caricature of the Lacoste croc, the customization sections was such a big hit that it is set to continue from November 29 to December 1 at the Alabang Town Center.

While the year is coming to a close, it seems that there will be no imminent end to this sneaker trend. Stepping even more confidently into the shoe game, with strokes and strides that combine the covetable combo of comfort, nostalgia, and cool street cred, the chunky shoe trend such as the Lacoste Court Slam is that fragment of time that we will be bringing well into our probable futures. Sure, it might die down at some point, but as with anything in fashion, it will spring back into the cycle, boding well for us who have that foot in that door, as well as a firm grip of what is cool by and for us.

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