This Clinic Is Breaking The Stigma Of Skincare For Men And Much More

Going beyond what is typical and traditional in skincare, Profero Ageless Aesthetics is challenging the masculine stereotype and encouraging men to take a step further in self-care and self-love.

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Let’s face it, the general population of men aren’t all too concerned with skincare. Sure, the usual cleanse-tone-moisturize routine is now a standard adhered to by most, but anything beyond that is regarded as vanity or worse, a chore. We understand the need for it and perhaps even a comprehension for its intricacies, but actually getting to it is a different conversation. You can groan and grunt all you want but we’re chalking this one to a pervading (toxic) masculinity that just won’t let up—even in this day and age of progress. Or so we would like to believe.

“With women, the taboo has been broken,” says Dr. Ryan Paraiso, Plastic and Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon at Profero Ageless Aesthetics, the newest one-stop shop clinic for aesthetic and medical services in the metro. With a particular focus on dermatology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as their pathologic sides, the board-certified men and women behind the aesthetics clinic are on a mission to not only interest men on a surface level, but they are actually keen on educating their patrons and patients to a more intimate grasp of skincare, anti-aging and even wellness. “If girls can do it [without judgment], why can’t men?” argues Medical Director, Gerry Sy-Quia.

Make no mistake about it, everyone is welcome at the quaint and calm clinic that would do any Pinterest board proud. The initial step inside the space already relieves you of whatever fear, hesitation or judgment you have hovering over you. With a stream of diffused light filtering through the windows, you feel more at home than in a medical facility, what with its furnishings of beige, blue and gold accented by granite and marble details. The usual bated breaths akin to a trip to the hospital is replaced by steady, rhythmic inhales and exhales that are further encouraged by a verdant wall of green that brightens up the aesthetics clinic even more. With a deep concern for the needs of client, Profero Ageless Aesthetics makes you feel comfortable—whether you are scheduled for a consult, a treatment or even a surgery.

Apart from employing the latest technology and highest quality machines, ensuring only the best kind of service, Profero Ageless Aesthetics also guarantees a patient-doctor relationship that is genuine. Here, the system is highly personalized, where even your most discreet concerns and eccentricities are tended to in the most professional way.

Offering an extensive and diverse range of services, all your concerns are targeted, met and considered for a long-term maintenance. Aside from the standard facials and brightening body peels, Profero Ageless Aesthetics provides other skincare treatments such as Skin Needling, Fillers, Line and Wrinkle Reduction + Lift, Alma Q Laser Treatments, Ultraformer III (HIFU) Line Reduction and Lift, Exilis Elite RF, Plasma Laser Skin Treatments, Plasma Laser Eye Lift Treatment, Botulinum Toxin Injections, Facial Contouring Options, as well as Hair Loss Treatments, Medical Dermatology consults and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Going beyond what is decidedly more mainstream, the clinic also offers atypical (but not unheard of) male enhancements in the pectoral, gluteal and calf area and more interestingly, genital whitening and lightening and even penile enchancement.

It is more than just science and skincare for the clinic. Going beyond the norms of self-love, Profero Ageless Aesthetics challenges the traditional, typical and honestly, tired definition of masculinity that has long crippled society. Walking their talk, there is much more care that goes on. And isn’t that what we need more of these days?

To know more, visit them at PROFERO Ageless Aesthetics or follow them on social media at @proferoaesthetics on Instagram and Facebook. The clinic is open from Mondays to Saturdays, 11:00am-7:00pm. You can also contact them at [email protected] and 795-2154/09178926318.

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