Time Travel Into The Future And Back With A New Kind Of Normal For Menswear

While time travel isn’t quite humanly possible—yet—there is always a workaround by way of fashion. A time-obsessed innovative industry, witness the past, present and future come together in a new code of normal that involves the good ‘ol roomy menswear that gets transported in an imagined world of Wong Kar Wai meets Blade Runner.

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Menswear isn’t necessarily big on a grand kind of change. Not completely averse to it, however, it inches towards an incremental kind of change that sets it into a progressive future. The distinguishing mark is that it not only looks right, but it feels right. Recent strides on the menswear plane have seen an ease and fluidity to the rules that have been set by time long gone. No longer typical, one-note and stiff, a new mindset and silhouette have taken over, one that is characteristically loose, relaxed and convincingly youthful in appeal.

Navy blue jacket, navy blue trousers and leather keychain all by LOUIS VUITTON

By the look of things, the foreseeable future doesn’t involve a literature-described dystopian wear-and-tear, nor does it seem to anything remotely cyborg-inspired. Silver and sheen aside, classic details such as leather elbow patches lend an air of familiarity to modern designs.

Waxed pullover, striped button-down, gray trousers and silver skater necklace all by LOUIS VUITTON

A master of reinvigorating the codes of menswear, Louis Vuitton has managed to enact subtle changes that the everyday man can take on as well. Ease up on your time-trusted proportions and wear different lengths together.

Gray v-neck pullover, gray wool trousers, leather messenger bag, silver skater necklace and white leather sneakers all by LOUIS VUITTON

A number of shades of gray isn’t just a reference to that movie. Give gray a moment in the future sun by pairing the subdued shade all at once.

Navy blue blazer, white button-down, navy blue trousers and silver skater necklace all by LOUIS VUITTON

Tired of wearing the usual suit the same old way? Tuck in the blazer for that subtle but unexpected take on the dapper dandy staple. And for good measure, pop that jacket collar for a touch of pizzazz.

Light brown zip-up jacket, striped button-down, gray wool trousers and leather keychain all by LOUIS VUITTON

Take a page off the book of dad-inspired fashion and tuck your separates (jacket included) with a sturdy belt. And while you’re at it, slip on a roomy, oversized piece of outerwear that makes you sit well within a Drive kind of universe side by side with Ryan Gosling.

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