Unpack The Magic Of The North With Tumi

Keeping true to its word of perfecting the journey, Tumi takes inspiration from the charming destination of Scandinavia and offers a collection that is set to become a life-long carry-on.

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Long before the advent of civilization as told to us by history books, it is best assumed that being driven by the innate, humans have long been looking up to the north for guidance—especially when it comes to many journeys told and untold. It is natural, perhaps, as the magnetic poles of the Earth are conditioned to lead us to the directional north when treading paths unknown. Fueled by natural curiosity, the fascination for what lies ahead has led further expeditions, tumbling into discoveries of charming and challenging new worlds. Such has been the case for the myths and wonder that border the folkloric geography of Scandinavia.

The Nordic region, once lorded by legends, has since shaped into a hotbed of forward-thinking design, graceful minimalism and incomparable beauty. But despite its evolution, the charm has never waned. In fact, Scandinavian countries have long populated many travel bucket lists. Whether it is topographical, cultural or simply just a predilection for the personally uncharted, this magical place has positioned itself as a definite must-go. And really, can we blame the rest of the world? There is nothing quite like it—or so the postcards, photos and pieces of posterity say.


As we are instinctively on the pursuit of a life worth living, Tumi has taken to our definitive navigations, always with an assurance of perfecting the journey with us. With its innovative, technically-proficient and distinctly designed portfolio of products, travelling has become less of a challenge and more of something to truly look forward sans any worries—just as it should be.

Season after season, Tumi takes us to the great destinations of the world with its collections. Taking to the natural ticks of the compass, it became clear from the get-go that the stop for fall would end up north. Every season, our creative director, Victor Sanz and his team in New York are inspired by different places in the world,” begins Adam Hershman, Tumi general manager for Greater China and APAC as he tours us in a warm and quaint cabin built right in the middle of the luxurious Pavilion in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Anchored on the bookends of the technical and the handcrafted, Tumi unveils a collection that adds a new dimension to the brand’s signature of travel essentials. A study of color, texture and tone, the current offering adheres to the durability and engineering standards while still pushing design boundaries. “Throughout the design process, we asked ourselves, how can we take something industrial and give it a human touch? Or conversely, how can we take something nature-inspired and put a tech spin on it?” explains Adam Hershman. “You’ll see a new take on camouflage, classic florals modernized with shifting contrasts and reflective pops. You’ll see new materials and reimagined techniques for existing ones.”

The rigor of form and function is most evident in the Latitude collection, where this time, it is reinforced with an ultra-durable Poly-Propylene (SRPP Ballistic) material that is both lightweight and incredibly strong, making it withstand your journey in style and structure. (This new colorway includes an International Carry-On, Short Trip Packing Case and Extended Trip Packing Case.)

“It’s not just about minimalism, because Scandinavia is also known for utilitarian design as well. In that sense, we are able to blend both. Tumi is a really very good fit for that combination because you have designs on the exterior that appear simple, but when you see all the pockets and the functions, you’ll see a lot of utilitarian elements. We combine high-design, high-function and high-performance,” continues Hershman as he goes further along the product line, bringing our focus to another Tumi standout, the 19 Degree Aluminum collection. With a new breath of life, it now comes in unique and exciting new seasonal colors such as ember and a limited-edition, fall foliage. This aluminum assortment features a reinforced frame case design—with two snap closures for carry-on bags and three snap closures for check-in bags—and die-cast corner caps for additional protection.


This season, the thrust of the men’s collection is stronger than ever, with a release of developments that marries elevated design elements with innovative function, producing timeless classics that are distinct, professional and luxurious. Anchored on the simplicity, minimalism, and of course, function of Scandinavian aesthetics, the Fall offering duly provides a seamless experience wherever your life’s journeys take you.

Intentional, thoughtful design is inherent in the collection, which kicks off with the active and urban Tahoe line. Focused on useful and design-driven details, the new silhouettes there are intentionally hidden functionalities, which is a true exploration beyond the brand’s perceived limits. Offered in Black and the new seasonal Digital Tide print, the polyester and matte nylon-made pieces are all versatile and practical, as well as made for the active and the outdoors, which are realized in the Rockwell, Lakeview, and Westville Backpacks.  these backpacks are versatile and practical, geared toward the active, outdoors-inspired lifestyle. Also introduced is the Boulder Backpack Duffel, a backpack and weekender hybrid that lends itself well to whatever your needs fit.

Further updates within the portfolio of Tumi strongholds include the utilitarian Alpha Bravo collection, where new and exciting seasonal prints of Charcoal Restoration and Reflective Tundra, which continues the assortment’s reflective accents with a green shade that matches the seasonal palette. A key offering in the collection is the Columbus Utility Pouch and Daniel Utility Pouch (Harrison), a fresh trend-focused style that can be worn in several different ways: as a waist pack, a crossbody or more popularly, as a sling. Lightweight and versatile, this travel essential seamlessly integrated into your day-to-day, providing hands- and stress-free protection for all your necessities.

“You know for me, and I think for the brand, a perfect journey means many things for different people,” muses Adam Hershman, as he rounds up the women’s collection of the brand. “What Tumi tries to do in all the products that we design is to make sure that all of those journeys, whatever they may be, are as seamless as possible and that we give products that meet their needs—both design and aesthetic needs, as well as performance and functional needs.”

True enough, with its diverse range of innovative products that are really nothing short of beautiful, what resonates is the utmost concern and care for the consumer, which creates a symbiotic relationship that extends itself to more than just a commercial exchange. There lies the magic of Tumi, perfecting the journey for a lifetime and well, perhaps even more.

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