Update Your Basics From Typical To Progressive In This Easy-To-Follow Guide

Kick your style game a notch higher with what you already have. Forget the obsession with the trend-based and run through your trusted staples and culminate it to a progressive and most fashionable whole.

We’ve all had that one frustrating morning where instead of blazing through the prepping process, we hit a road bump when we decide that we have nothing to wear. Sure, this might be a rare case in itself, but it does happen. Instead of being bogged down by the frustration, flip the entire situation on its head and see it as an opportunity to play around with the basics that you already have lying around your closet—or properly folded, if you are one of those. Remember, it isn’t a case of what you don’t have. This sounds like a Mr. Miyagi moment, so we’re running with it: Keep in mind that the glass is always half full, and not otherwise.

So, where do we begin?

Navy oversized trench jacket and navy trousers both by UNIQLO U and white sneakers by CONVERSE

We are most certain that you already have that trusted pair of oversized outerwear hanging in your closet. Rather than let it gather dust, air it out and pair it tailored trousers but in a more relaxed cut. This way, the look is put together but not totally stuffed up. For an added street-cred, wear a classic pair of white sneakers.

Beige fleece cardigan, beige knitted pullover and khaki trousers all by UNIQLO U

Don’t get stressed out when attempting to layer pieces that you’ve most likely rocked out to already. Ease into the concept of intelligently piling on articles of clothing that are if not of the same color, at least let it be a similar or complementing shade. Once you’ve rounded up what you want to put together, you can level up by adding textured pieces to give depth to your look.

Navy nylon bomber jacket and navy trousers both by UNIQLO U

This one is fairly easy: Piece together a look that will easily take you from day to night. Meaning, pair a casual jacket with tailored trousers for a hint of both classic and contemporary. Finally, keep it sleek and sensible by wearing it in a subdued monotone.

Navy blue oversized shirt and forest green corduroy trousers both by UNIQLO U and white sneakers by CONVERSE

You may have been sitting this one out since your younger days, but it is high time you bust out those snazzy corduroy trousers and update it in relaxed and looser shapes. Keep it within the realm of age-appropriate by opting for a more dignified and regal hue. This is in no way the car-seat pants of your childhood; this is retro-nostalgia done just right.

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