Watch The Blogger Jowas React To The Digital Cover Photos Of The #BloggerBesties

Before you roll your eyes and say, “not another reaction video,” watch what happens when the Blogger Jowas sees the digital cover photos of #BloggerBesties, Laureen Uy and Camille Co, for the very first time. Spoiler alert: The results are hilarious.

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When we filmed this video, we were actually prepared to hear that Joni Koro and Miggy Cruz of the Blogger Jowas have already seen the photos of Camille Co and Laureen Uy for MEGA Online. What, isn’t that people in relationships do? So, imagine our delight when they had zero idea what the photos of the #BloggerBesties looked like, concept and all. This just made the entire premise of a real and raw reaction video all the more exciting. And trust us, we try to hold off on the “E” word as much as we can.

The mechanics were very simple: We were to show a slideshow of the photos lensed by Erwin Canlas and they were to give their most honest opinions, as Blogger Jowas are wont to do. It isn’t a far stretch, especially with their comedy-laden snippets on their Instagram page. We expected humor, of course. What we didn’t quite factor in was how much we would be left in stitches while filming.

Perhaps the most awww-inducing part was how their eyes lit up when they saw their respective lady loves all fashioned up. While the girls were shining, shimmering and splendid, the boys were reduced to an adorable gushy duo. But make no mistake about it, they were still as competitive as ever, assuring that their shoot would at the very least match the standards of Camille and Laureen.

Now, that’s enough talking from us. Go on ahead and watch what went down in the debut of MEGA Man Reacts:

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