WATCH: You Have To See Vhong Navarro’s Huge Shoe Closet Tour

From rare basketball shoes, custom-made kicks to covetable designer sneakers, it seems like Vhong Navarro has all of our favorites in his huge shoe closet.

At one point or another, men have dreamt of having a closet full of their favorite kicks—from the quintessential Nikes and Adidas kicks, coveted basketball shoes, and, of course, some classy designer sneakers from heritage brands like Dior and Gucci. In fact, every time we purchase new kicks, we can’t deny our excitement to wear it and show it off to our friends or on social media.

But apart from that—whether you’d admit it or not—guys also wear sneakers to attract the attention of women. Yes, it’s not our main goal, but it certainly factors into the equation. What sneakerheads love the most is an profound and passionate appreciation  for sneakers. Understanding the same language, women would save for months, even years, just to get a pair of Louboutins, men would do the same on getting first dibs on rare kicks. (See, the obsession isn’t just exclusive to the women.)

Locally, one of the famed Filipino celebrity sneakerheads is Vhong Navarro. We have to admit that every time we get to watch him on the television hosting on stage, we always look at his shoes. He just successfully made himself one of the few stars who made a significant following for his sneaker fashion. And recently, we were able to get a tour of his house on his YouTube channel. While his house is undeniably impressive and all, what really stood out for us was his massive closet that looks like an actual boutique.

Ball Is Life

It’s been innate for all Filipinos to love basketball. Playing ball has been part of our culture already to the extent that there will always be a basketball court in every barangay. And Vhong Navarro is no stranger to the sport, having been vocal about it whenever he’s hosting. With this said, the first thing he showed in his shoe closet are some rare basketball shoes—from the Nike Kobe Aston Martin Pack to his Nike Kyrie x Spongebob Squarepants collection.

Stairway To Heaven

Following his rare basketball shoes, Vhong Navarro showed us how huge his closet it. While we normally see a wide closet, the host’s closet has two floors. And what really caught our attention was how his stairs also served as an additional shoe cabinet wherein he keeps all his commissioned sneakers. This collection of his is hand-painted with his classic films like Gagamboy and Lastikman, as well as his favorite fictional characters like the Riddler and Edward Scissorhands.

Classy and Posh

Now as we get older, our fashion taste also evolves. We start to invest in pieces that are worth splurging for as a reward for a job well done at work. And being a true men’s style purveyor who can ace even the extremes of fashion—whether street or dapper—Vhong also showcased his designer shoes ranging from Off-White, Dior, Alexander Wang, to Balenciaga.

Design Your Own

Proving that he is truly a sneakerhead, he also made it a point to have his own Nike iD. NIKE BY YOU is a service provided by Nike allowing customers to personalize and design their own shoes. Because of this brilliant offer by the American sportswear company, Vhong Navarro designed his own sneakers with its colors alluding to the iconic movies he starred in the past such as Gagamboy, Mr. Suave, and Agent X44.

Curious to see his huge walk-in closet? Watch his vlog below:

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