We’ve Got Our Eyes On The Latest Sunglasses James Reid Is Wearing

Settling rather nicely into his role as the face of Sunnies Studios, James Reid shows us how to wear the latest styles with his signature brand of unabashed cool kid nonchalance.

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Sometime during the first crack of the summer season that has just gone by, much like the piercing sun that signalled its beginning, we were introduced to the familiar soul-searing gaze of James Reid as he was unveiled as the latest face for Sunnies Studios. Settling into this new role rather nicely, he has since been seen sporting the brand’s latest, most covetable releases.

It cannot be a more perfect pairing as it is. The brand, with its aspirational Wes Anderson-like lifestyle and memory-locked, retro-inspired visuals, matches well with the signature nonchalant cool kid aesthetic that James Reid is known to exude. This match made in fashion heaven continues with the latest sunnies styles to hit the market.

The Xenia

Tagged as the new statement go-to, the persistence of nostalgia carries on with the release of the Xenia, the plastic square frames with a quirky feline twist. A hybrid of two known classic silhouettes, the result is a contemporary pair that comes in Lavender, Ink and Coffee colors. Akin to the brand’s penchant for blurring the lines of gender stereotypes, the square frames with a cat-eye flick fits well regardless of your prescribed style persona.

Released on their online store last June 29, the Xenia will be made available in stores on July 6.

The Rae

Meanwhile, as seen during the first batch of images released during the introduction of James Reid as the new face of Sunnies Studios, we were already acquainted with the Rae. A current classic kind of cool pair, the updated pilot style takes on a slick re-imagination with an integration of an extended top bar that will have the most maverick of top guns zeroing in on the pair, stat. (If you caught that reference, then good. We won’t have to worry about you making your living as a singer.)

Making its way online and in stores today, July 4, the Rae is available in delicious colors such as Charcoal, Sepia, Plum and Seal.

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