What We Know About The Uniqlo and Alexander Wang Collab—So Far

No stranger to striking collaborations with fast-fashion retail brands, Alexander Wang reunites with Uniqlo for a collection that not only reimagines warmth, but also explores the duality of form and function.

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Alexander Wang is no stranger to striking collaborations with fast-fashion retail brands, even more so with Uniqlo. While the secret of a new partnership between the two forces in fashion has set the world wide web on fire with its rapid circulation, the following fact didn’t trail too far: This would mark a 10-year anniversary of sorts since the first time Wang and Uniqlo first collaborated. “We’ve stayed in touch over the years. Mr. Yanai [Uniqlo CEO and president] has always been very, very supportive and said, ‘When you have an idea to do something let’s connect,’” he says in an interview with Vogue. Taking that nurtured relationship along with an idea of going back to the very basics, then we have the current iteration of their collaboration.

Long fascinated and intrigued by the concept of underwear (and undergarments), Wang specifically sought out this essential when conceptualizing the current collection. Well within his wheelhouse, design-wise, the designer was keen on expanding the access that fans of his brand with the democratic approach of Uniqlo. “Uniqlo is the ideal partner for this collection of innerwear because we share an appreciation of functionality and utilitarianism, and I am thrilled our collaboration has resulted in developing a new Heattech line; the perfect place to pick up from where we left off ten years ago.” In this union, the sleek and sexy signature of Alexander Wang’s athleisure marries well with the innovation, function and utility of Uniqlo. “It’s something that I’ve always been very inspired by, by the advancement and innovation in fabrication. I wanted to think about it in a way where even if it wasn’t just worn on the inside—if you wore it as a top as something to lounge around in—you feel like there’s a style, an aesthetic that could stand on its own.”

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Creating LifeWear that is no-fuss but still keeping a fashion-forward aspect, the Uniqlo and Alexander Wang collection of Heattech and Heattech Extra Warm comprises a range of neo-futuristic silhouettes that are sharp and slim, all rendered in colors such as black, gray and the designer’s favorite, 80s neon green. With function at a premium, the items that include both briefs and boxers, compression tights, tank tops and crew neck shirts are made for optimal movement as the fabric uniquely changes with the body.

Inspired by the duality in play, Uniqlo drums up the anticipation of the November 9 drop by launching its campaign entitled Warmth Reimagined. Inspired by Wang’s penchant for juxtapositions, the chilling image features specific Heatteach items encased in a block of ice, further encouraging that these items are special, thus making it ideal to be worn as outerwear, too. If we extend the metaphor even further (as we are inclined to do, really), the second-skin like quality to the pieces furthers a bigger scope, one that speaks of comfort in one’s own body.