This Is What Went Down At The First Digital Cover Shoot Of MEGA Man With The Blogger Jowas

Perennial funnymen and accidental digital stars, the Blogger Jowas trade in their humor for something a little bit more serious—even for just a little while.

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The jokes and jabs weren’t lost, of course. But for a few minutes in between outfit changes and the lightning speed shutter of the cameras, the Blogger Jowas squared off in front of the video lens and did their best impression of Zoolander’s Blue Steel. (Or at least that’s what we think they did.)

Suited up in the latest wares of Joey Samson, menswear designer extraordinaire, Miggy Cruz and Joni Koro revealed a different side to themselves that the Instagram plane do not necessarily see. Much like their #BloggerBesties counterparts, they too can fashion it up and stare down at the camera like nobody’s business.

And dare we say, they pulled it off very, very well. Looks like the ladies might have a little style competition sneaking around in you. Good job, Blogger Jowas.

Videography and editing by Ian Francisco of New Monarq Creativx