What’s In The Bag For Father’s Day?

Whether it’s for everyday essentials or that optimism-laced possibility of a journey to perfect, these father’s day picks are your best bet to make dad feel special.

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Perfecting the journey—this has been the long revered and time-honored commitment that has pointed the compass of Tumi to its true north in many of its adventures. Even in a world so challenged by a crippling crisis, it still manages to follow this guidance despite a mandated limiting of movement, taking into full account its responsibility to the world beyond the products it sells. Akin to its intrinsic empowerment and inspired positive impact, the brand shifts its exploratory gaze from the literal sense of travel and focuses its navigation to relationships that shape the journey, so to speak. And for the champions of escapades, nothing is as important and formative than the relationship with one’s father, one of, if not the very first force of direction in our lives. So, to celebrate the coming of father’s day, why not take your dad for a different kind of journey, one that involves picking out something that is both practical and of course, special.

An everyday essential, whether it be for work, errands, or that promise of an escape in the hopeful future, Tumi is offering an unparalleled mix of intuitive features and sublime design in its range of bag and luggage selection that earns itself a new facet of appreciation with every use. Smart, sensible, and significant, these choices of form and function for father’s day are a need that will no doubt become something he will want—and perhaps even you. Trust us, with this; you will have the appreciation of best gift in the bag.

Making it much easier for both you and your father, Tumi eases you in the potentially overwhelming shopping experience, whittling down the choices into significant types with a corresponding collection that is perfect for all the questions and qualifiers that may arise.

For The Luxury-Leaning Dad

Fashioned after the sleek subtleties of high-end automotive design, the Arrivé collection is a must-consider. With its polished chrome details, graceful curves, leather-bound handles, and magnetic zippers and tags, this luxurious selection truly impresses with a penchant for premium, as well as of its distinct panache. Whether it’s the well-compartmentalized Hannover Slim Brief, the versatile Olten Crossbody, and the technologically seamless International Wheeled Carry-On, its definitive intrusion of navy blue is that classic contrast to a restrained but distinct demeanor.

For The Modern Minimalist Dad

If he insists to not be a regular dad, but a cool one, the Harrison collection might very well be that flair fit for father’s day. Priding itself with clean silhouettes and carefully thought out details, the range in this offering is innovatively lightweight and an oft-forgotten consideration, easy to clean in its nylon construction. Standing from the styles, such as the roomy Osborn Roll-Top Backpack, the contemporary Gregory Sling, and nifty Dante Utility Pouch, is its pairing of Reflective Iron and Gray that is every bit understated yet unexpected.

father's day Tumi

For The Considerably Classic Dad

Despite its name, there is nothing inherently intimidating with the Alpha 3 collection of Tumi, a faultless offering that is best known for its innovative design, superior performance, and unmatched functionality. A choice between Black ballistic nylon and Anthracite fabric, you will definitely not go wrong with these picks, especially for its refinement in construction. Resting snug on your shoulders once you give it a good sling, the Flap Backpack and Slim Solutions Brief Pack both features an impressive organization with padded space for laptops, as well as of a multitude of small and streamlined pockets to house all that is important for the on-the-go father in the safest and most secure way possible.

Open just in time for father’s day, Tumi is inviting you to visit its stores in Greenbelt 5, Powerplant Mall, Shangri-la Plaza, Podium, and Ayala Center Cebu where health and safety is of utmost consideration and concern. A top priority for employees, customers, and the community, Tumi adheres to local government regulations, requiring guests to wear face masks and observe a safe, social distance while perusing the shelves and displays that have been cleaned and disinfected thoroughly.

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