The Flagship Has Landed: Why The Uniqlo Manila Store Is A Big Deal

Massive, colossal and rightfully inspired by the spirit and vibrancy of Filipino life, Uniqlo Manila opens its doors to a unique and well-thought-of retail space that elevates the local scene to the global stage.

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If there is any country who likes to do things in a big, bright and bold way, it has got to be the Philippines. Fiestas and over-extended holidays aside, who else is as obsessed with amassing Guinness World Records than us? This spirit and penchant for the grand wasn’t lost as Uniqlo Manila opened its doors to the public. Spanning a massive 4100 square meters in two floors, there is no stone left unturned with the country’s global flagship store, which happens to now hold the record as the biggest in all of Southeast Asia.

Following the celebration of the Japanese juggernaut’s sixth anniversary in the country, Uniqlo brings together everything we love about the brand: LifeWear, technology and innovation, collaboration and services, all creatively housed under the retail enclave. A marriage of functionalism and visceral design, Uniqlo Manila is a veritable gateway to the world, as seen through the eyes of the brand and its wares.

Much like the preceding global flagship stores, Uniqlo Manila has a mammoth of an atrium that is a serves as a momentary respite from all the shopping that happens at breakneck speed. Soundtracked by local musical acts led by Erwin Romulo and Malek Lopez, craning your neck around will reveal the signature army of rotating mannequins and stunning LED displays flashing by. As if signalling you to proceed, the rest of the floor space unravels like a labyrinthine of the very best that Uniqlo has to offer, flowing seamlessly from one section and experience to the next.

The men’s, women’s and kids section are all filled to the brim with an extended and complete portfolio of products that makes it nothing short of a one-stop shop. Further along, there are dedicated sections for Uniqlo’s proprietary techology-led products such as AIRism and Heattech, as well as a dedicated Magic For All, UT and collaboration area, which includes a provocative display featuring the synthesis of Leeroy New’s stimulating art and Shun Watanabe’s irreverent styling. Apart from the art pillars by Plus63 Design, which proudly depicts the vibe and spirit of the Filipino life, customers also have the opportunity to get their hands on with the yet-to-be-released game, Jump Force by Bandai Namco Entertainment, as Uniqlo Manila allows them to enjoy the game space until December 31, 2018.

Unique to the global flagship store of Uniqlo Manila, customers can enjoy the fresh air and sights of the Makati skyline or simply have a moment to lounge at the terrace furnished with pieces designed by Kenneth Cobonpue, of course in concurrence with the #OurFutureIsHere campaign.

As massive, colossal and an overwhelming moment as it is, the Uniqlo Manila flagship store is at its heart a unique and well-thought-of retail space that elevates the local sensibilities to the global space, as if stepping up and telling the world that yes, the future is here. Now, isn’t that a standout way to say, “Welcome to Uniqlo.”

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