Wil Dasovich On His Most Dangerous Vlog Yet: Swimming In The Pasig River

On Wednesday, Wil Dasovich posted a video on Facebook and Youtube—his most dangerous stunt in his entire vlogging career.

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Wil is known for his adventurous vlogs in his course of living in the Philippines: He ate exotic street food in Pampanga and Sagada, he tried riding on top of a jeepney and tried the most extreme adventure park in Laguna. In his latest vlog, Wil introduced his two American friends who are first-time visitors to the Philippines and has the same adventurous spirit and energy as his.

During one of their trips in Makati, the three stop by Pasig River and saw kids swimming there. As a prank, Wil convinced his friends to go swimming in the river as well. And because of the girls’ spirit, all three took the plunge.

As the three jumped into the river, Wil’s camera caught how muddy and dirty the water in the river is. On the earlier parts of his vlog, Wil also showed how filthy the river and its surroundings are: young boy peeing directly on the river, dead animals floating, baby’s diapers submerged in water; The Pasig River was more like the city’s dumpsite rather than a flowing body of water in the middle of the city.

Watch Wil’s vlog below:

It may be one crazy vlog, but the video entails a deeper message from Wil Dasovich.

At the end of the video, Wil tells his insight into the underlying problem that is the Filipinos’ impact on the environment. Filipinos tend to become heedless with consuming and disposing of products. Which is true, the Pasig River is the representation of how Filipinos treat the environment.

“It’s easy to blame the government or private sectors, but at the end of the day it really comes down to us. And without discipline, there won’t be progress,” Wil said.

The Filipinos can really be reckless on regular days but when all hell breaks loose and the consequences start appearing, we’re best at blaming the government for not being able to pick up our trails.

Wil, who plunged in the river once, got sick the day after. We imagine the worse conditions those Filipinos who reside near the river could experience today and in the future, if we don’t start minding the environment more.