Yes, You Can Wear Pants At Home With This Comfortable Pair

Mobility, flexibility, and comfort are at every seam with the Smart 360 Flex collection, the latest product innovation of Dockers

Work wear has gone casual. We’re pretty much well-aware of this–a number of people work from home nowadays. Moreso, uniform or outfit restrictions aren’t as defined compared to earlier this year. You may even be reading this article in your home clothes, the same clothes you wear when you boot up your desktop and go straight to work. But what if you can elevate your at-home responsibilities with a Dockers style staple that doesn’t take away the comfort of everyday clothing?

Put thought into your work from home and daily grind outfit with the latest in wearable tech from Dockers, the Smart 360 Flex. With this range of product innovations, you can get the mobility and flexibility you need as you go about your day-to-day tasks without sacrificing style. Just check out these hard-at-work men and how they style themselves:

Engineered with Dockers 4-way stretch, these pairs of pants are versatile enough for any occasion that it can adapt to whatever activity you find yourself in. Every piece in the collection are not just comfort bearers, but also versatile closet staples. Browse the different plains and prints that match your preferred style, t-shirts and sweaters for any weather, plus shorts and chinos to complete your fit. With this extensive array of Smart 360 Flex items, there’s both comfort in material, and comfort in putting together an outfit for the day.

If duty calls in the workplace, or you need to make a quick trip outside for some errands, there’s a Dockers piece for you. But even if you find yourself lounging at home, nothing else can further boost your confidence and productivity than putting on clothes that not only look slick, but also gives you a feeling of satisfaction.

Modern and stylish in both casual and refined silhouettes, every pair is surely crafted with the product quality and integrity Dockers has been carrying for more than 30 years as an authority in Khaki.

Dockers prioritizes versatility and lifestyle, whether in casual or refined looks, allowing you to feel comfortable, stylish and ready for anything. Check out the Smart 360 Flex Collection on Lazada and Zalora. Follow Dockers on Instagramand on Facebook.

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