You Can Now Wear Art On Your Feet With This Artist-Led Collab

Inseparable siblings of the creative plane since time immemorial, art and fashion meet a new ally in the thriving and energetic street scene as Aldo launches its artist-led collaboration with the Mx3 Series.

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While it was thoroughly difficult to train one’s eyes away from the military-style walk through of models, fitness experts and personalities at the Bench Active show of the recently concluded Bench Fashion Week, what with the display functional yet stylish threads, as well as of course, ripped and chiseled-by-the-gods physiques that were equal parts enjoyable and enviable, one hard-to-miss detail definitely caught our collective conscious—the shoes.

Complementing the eye-catching activewear of the Bench sub-line were equally optical and bold footwear that had us switching our point-of-view back and forth. Upon closer inspection (and Instagram research, naturally), the shoes are the latest, limited-edition drop of Aldo. Culling a veritable and vibrant collective that hinges on inclusion, equality and unity, the shoe brand introduces the Mx3 Series, a unique collaboration with five renowned street artists taking over the world with their stirring statements.

The Mx3 Series capsule encourages you to wear art on your sole with distinct talents of Buff Monster from New York, INSA from London, Pony from Montreal, So Youn Lee from Seoul and Dina Saadi from Dubai. A true reflection of their points-of-view and the throbbing energy of their local communities, the sneakers are actual art pieces that tell the story of our times.

“As a brand, we believe that art-driven collaborations celebrate creativity and elicit the positivity that Aldo is proud to embody,” says Daianara Grullon Amalfitano, Senior Vice President for Aldo. “From the street artists who created these incredible prints and designs to the young creatives who shot, modeled and created the global campaign-Aldo Mx is the perfect platform for us celebrate individuality, all while being part of a global community. This is just the start of many more unique collaborations from Aldo.” With a firm grip on the pulse of the now, Aldo has now created an indelible thumbprint on the conscious of the dynamic youth, as well as of the prime movers and shakers who are attuned to the irreverent but highly inspiring edges of culture.

Check out the full Mx3 Series collection below:

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